A new way of asking.

Quiv is a platform that provides access to, and enables
 getting the attention of, sought after individuals in return for a charitable donation to their cause.


A Quiver is someone looking to pick the brains of people with great knowledge, experience and expertise and get great advice. In exchange, a Quiver is happy to make a donation to a good cause, thus helping others while helping themselves.

Looking for great advice? Find a Giver


A Giver is a person with great knowledge, experience and expertise who donates their time to help Quivers and encourages them to donate to the Giver’s preferred cause. Givers help others by providing great advice and raising money for meaningful causes.

Have knowledge to share? Become a Giver

How it works

Find a Giver

Search for a specific Giver, or browse through Givers in your areas of interest to find someone with the knowledge and experience you’re looking for.


Choose your preferred type of consultation (quiv, phone or other), and submit a request to connect with your chosen Giver.


Use your credit card to donate to the cause selected by the Giver. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.